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nosterbor 10-23-2019 05:50 PM

Why did you change this to a 1/1?:confused:#UAJR-JG One of One Topps Triple Threads Autographed Single Jumbo Relic Blue/10 2018.
This site will not let you edit anything past 2016. It will have to be deleted and re entered under 2018 Topps Triple Threads Autographed Single Jumbo Relic Blue. Maybe Eddie can fix this so we can better edit past 2016.

adelith 10-26-2019 04:24 AM

I did not meant to do that, in fact I have no idea how that happened, the only thing I did was to update my history like the other 5 cards that day. Anyway I apologize for any inconvenience.:(

nosterbor 10-26-2019 04:45 AM

That's ok, Poop Happens.

adelith 10-26-2019 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by nosterbor (Post 8793)
That's ok, Poop Happens.

I'd put it back into 2018 list, now could you guys update your list please?

nosterbor 10-26-2019 08:26 PM

Thanks Roberto. I added my card.

jzk_ksy 10-31-2019 06:50 PM

Thanks for posting this, My list has been updated


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