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gonza19 09-18-2018 08:56 AM

Anyone willing to pay that much????
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$1,000 for that card??? Really?

GhostofZefo 09-18-2018 09:51 PM

I saw that listing yesterday,and found it difficult not to die laughing. I’m so sick & tired of people over-appreciating the 90’s stuff. Yes,many command a premium. But what I’ve witnessed lately is just straight up laughable. And frankly it’s nauseating. Just saw your message by the way. And I’m glad they got to you safely,my friend!

nosterbor 09-19-2018 01:08 AM

As long as people are paying $400-$500 for unreleased cards I can see why they ask these prices. It is a joke!

jzk_ksy 09-19-2018 02:05 AM

Yes, that is an insane asking price... Curious as to what you all think is a fair price on it...


nosterbor 09-19-2018 03:41 AM


jzk_ksy 09-19-2018 02:27 PM

I was thinking more like $250-300...

GhostofZefo 09-19-2018 07:39 PM

I’m more inclined to think right around the $175(maybe $200) mark. But again, I’m so tired of seeing stuff priced as if there’s only 1 or 2 available. Like I said before: it’s totally laughable.

GhostofZefo 09-19-2018 07:47 PM

...and in reference to my original comment: I am in no way trying to single out the people that overprice the 90’s stuff. Because in my honest opinion,the 90’s cards are the only cards of actual value anymore. Strictly my opinion here: but 95% of the new stuff is absolute garbage. So the 90’s stuff is about all I’ll invest in these days.

gonza19 09-30-2018 03:56 PM

Lately I've seen a lot of cards price like that!! Just like a card I used to go to buy a pack or two every now and then. One of the guys tells me they have a cool Juan card and he shows to me the Flair Jumbo patch card with the All Star patch!!!! It look awesome!!!! I know the card books around $40-$60 so I was prepared for an asking price abiut $100 because to be honest, it was awesome!!! The shop owner jumps in and says $300 is the least on that one, no less no offers! With an attitude also!! The guy that was showing me the card even apologize for his boss for being a jerk! But I think people like that are the ones that price the cards like the one above!!!! Take care guys!!! Enjoy your day!!!! And thanks for fixing the website!!!!

jzk_ksy 10-24-2018 02:15 AM

Well there you go... sold for $280

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