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Default Gonzalez 2014 Supreme Styling and Triple Threads lot f/t

Got a bulk lot from 2014 Supreme and 2014 Topps Triple Threads that I'm looking to trade or possibly sell. Mainly looking for 1997-1999 low numbered Gonzalez inserts(/100 or less). The cards available are as follows:

-2014 Topps Supreme Supreme Styling:
-#'d 3/15
-#'d 19/20(may take this one to eBay)
-#'d 9/45
-#'d 16/50

-2014 Triple Threads jumbo bat auto:
-#'d 40/50
-#'d 60/75
-#'d 34/99

I am more than happy to email or text pics. For those of you that have the Supreme Styling cards,you are I'm sure,aware of the typical "white around the edges" on the back of each card(the reverse of each card is black). These are the only notable issues with any of the cards I have listed. I'm fairly picky when it comes to condition of my cards. Thanks so much guys!
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