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Man,I am so sorry for the delay. I haven’t checked in in like a week. They are indeed still available. The dual patch is super clean. But I will say this about the Crusade: it has a visible spot along the top edge,above his throwing elbow. You can see it clearly in the linked pic. It’s not a scratch or lift in the card stock. And I couldn’t feel it when I ran my finger across it. So it’s seemingly a manufacturer flaw in the gloss. I’m looking for $50 for the pair. And I’m more than happy to trade for 90’s Juan stuff that I don’t already have. No biggie either way. Thanks so much for your interest,bud! And I’ll be sure to check in regularly for the next few days,so I don’t keep you waiting. Feel free to pm me on here. That way,it’ll send me an email notification. Have a great afternoon!

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