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Default Duplicate Gonzalez RC Slabs & 98 Atomic For Trade Or Sale.

What’s up guys. Alright,I’ve got a few rookie slabs & a ‘98 Bowman’s Best Atomic refractor /100 available for anyone interested. Looking to move as a lot if at all possible.

The 3 rookie slabs I currently have available are as follows:

-(1)1990 Fleer BGS 9.5

-(1)1990 Fleer Canadian PSA 9

-(1)1991 Ultra Update PSA 9

And of course like I mentioned above,I also have a 1998 Bowman’s Best Atomic refractor #’d 2/100.

Gonna try to link pics in the thread.

Looking for $50 in trade value or $45 sale price for all 4 cards. And as always,all 4 will be shipped securely in team bags(and top loader for the Atomic) and a bubble mailer via PayPal Shipping w/tracking.

Thanks as always fellas!

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