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Default 6-card 90’s Sample lot for sale.

Hey guys,as many of y’all know from recent eBay purchases you’ve made,I am selling off a decent amount of my Gonzalez collection. For those who aren’t familiar,my eBay seller name is Tennesseahawk. And although I will be listing stuff on the bay fairly regularly,I figured I would come here to attempt to move this particular lot of sample issue Gonzalez cards.

The cards included in this lot are as follows:
-1998 Leaf Heading for the Hall “Sample” card #7
-1997 Select “Sample” card #1
-1998 Pinnacle Performers Big Bang “Sample” card #11
-1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars Great American Heroes “Sample” card #10
-1997 Pinnacle Passport to the Majors “Sample card #13
-1998 Elite Prime Numbers “Sample” card #10c

All 6 cards are sharp with no notable flaws and I’m asking $15 shipped for the entire lot. Shipping as always includes cards in penny sleeves,top loaders,and team bags stored & shipped in proper sized padded mailer with tracking via PayPal. Thanks as always fellas.
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