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Default 22-card relic lot CHEAP

Hello again guys. Iíve got another lot available as I vastly downsize the Gonzalez collection. This is a 22-card all jersey and bat relic lot. And Iím pricing this one to move. All cards will be shipped top loaded and sent securely in a USPS Priority small flat rate box. Iím asking $37 shipped. ***Please keep in mind around $6 of the asking price is covering the cost of shipping***
The cards included in this lot are as follows:

(1)2002 UD Diamond Collection Bat Around Quad(all Rangers) BA-GRPR
(1)2001 Donruss Diamond Dominators bat relic DM-3 (#íd 131/500)
(1)2001 Fleer Ex Wall of Fame outfield wall relic card #8
(1)2001 UD Pros & Prospects Specialty jersey card # S-JG
(1)2001 SPX Winning Materials trios jersey card #TGA
(1)2001 UD Pros & Prospects Then & Now dual jersey card #TN-JGo
(1)2003 UD Game Face Gear jersey card # GG-GO
(1)2001 Fleer Authority Diamond Cuts hat relic so /240. Card #25
***(2)2002 UD Peopleís Choice jersey. Card # PJ-JG(please note you will receive 2 copies of this particular card)
(1)2003 UD Mid-Summer Stars Swatches pants. Card # MS-JG
(1)2002 UD Retro Star Rookie pants. Card # SR-JG
(1)2002 Topps Traded & Rookies Tools of the Trade jersey. Card # TTRR-JG
(1)2005 UD Origins jersey. Card # OR-JG
(1)2005 Throwback Threads Throwback Collection jersey(#íd 91/150) card # TC-22
(1)2002 Fleer Tradition This Day in History bat relic. Card #9
(1)2002 UD Vintage Timeless Teams Game Bat Quad(Indians). Card # B-CLE
(1)2002 Topps Reserve bat relic. Card # TRB-JG
(1)2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Transactions bat relic. Card #TT-JG
(1)2002 Flair Power Tools bat relic. Card # 10
(1)2004 Donruss Timer & Threads bat. Card # TT-28
(1)2001 Private Stock Game Gear bat. Card # 70
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