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Default 1999 Platinum Medallions for sale

Hey guys. Iím starting to get down to the meat & potatoes now, as Iím parting with a sizable portion of the collection. And for now,Iíve got a pair of Gonzalez 1999 Ultra Platinum Medallions for sale.

-card 191P #íd 16/99
-card 218P #íd 14/50

Iím asking $63 shipped for the pair. Both will be shipped in magnetic holders with Perfect Fit sleeves,and packaged in a bubble mailer with tracking via PayPal. Thank you to all who have made purchases from the last couple of listings Iíve posted on here. I truly appreciate it and hope you guys are enjoying the cards. Thanks so much as usual for checking out this latest sale thread,and have a blessed week!

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